WSU-NIAR Predictive Technologies Oil Analysis Training Courses - thermography, vibration analysis, motor circuit testing
Predictive Technologies

NDT Predictive Technologies Program

Wichita State University's National Institute for Aviation Research and WSU Tech have partnered to offer an accredited Nondestructive Testing Predictive Technologies program, based on technologies and NDT methods that assess the current condition of rotating or stationary industrial equipment.

The technologies aid in predicting equipment lifespan by assigning failure levels to operating equipment. These technologies drive all maintenance performed on equipment including preventive maintenance. Asset condition is used to schedule maintenance, ensuring asset health while lowering down time and unnecessary maintenance. The predictive technologies are generally accepted to include: Vibration Analysis, Lubricating Fluid Analysis, Thermography, Acoustic Emission Testing, and Electric Motor Circuit Analysis.

Take classes individually to earn a Certificate of Completion or work toward an Associate of Applied Science or a Technical Certificate. A Certificate of Completion option is also available to learn one specialized technique or discipline. Click the links below for course information, costs, average earning, placement rates and additional program information. Classes usually run Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm and generally last one week per class. Classes are held in the evenings during the summer semester. For specifics on course offerings visit the WSU Tech Website.

Machine Lubrication & Oil Analysis


  • Curriculum follows ASNT's recommendations for training for level I,II, & III
  • Classroom/Lab is equipped with several infrared cameras & test stands for hands-on learning
  • Classes available:

Vibration Analysis

  • Curriculum follows ASNT's recommendations for training for level II analysts as well as additional training in the fields of shaft alignment & balancing
  • Classroom/Lab is equipped with several vibration data collectors as well as test stands for hands-on learning
  • Classes Available:

Airborne Ultrasound/Acoustic Emission

  • Curriculum has been developed to instruct students on Airborne Ultrasonic theory, application, & analysis as well as provide entry level theory, application, & analysis for acoustic emission testing
  • Classroom/Lab is equipped with several Airborne Ultrasonic guns and an Acoustic Emission Tester for hands-on learning
  • Classes Available: Acoustic Emission Testing Level I: April 25-April 29

Motor Circuit Testing

  • Curriculum has been developed for training students in the theory, application, and analysis of data collected with PdMA's MCEmax tester
  • Classroom/Lab has many electric motors available for hands-on learning for online and offline testing
  • Classes Available: Electrical Motor Testing: April 18-22

What can Predictive Technologies Do For You?

Contact : Brett Scott (316) 677-1013

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Course Schedule

Machine Lubrication and Analysis I : January 25-29
Machine Lubrication and Analysis II : February 15-19
Machine Lubrication and Analysis III : March 7-11
Thermography Level I : February 1-5
Thermography Level II : February 22-26
Thermography Level III : March 28-April 1
Vibration Analysis Level I : February 8-12
Vibration Analysis Level II : February 29-March 4
Vibration Analysis Level III : April 4-8
Acoustic Emission Testing Level I : April 25-April 29
Electrical Motor Testing : April 18-22

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