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DO-160 Capabilities: Sections 4-26

Section 4 – Temperature and Altitude: Full DO-160G Capabilities /Categories A, B, C, D, E, & F
Section 5 – Temperature Variation: Full DO-160G Capabilities/Categories A, B, C, S1 & S2
Section 6 – Humidity: Full DO-160G Capabilities/Categories A, B, & C
Section 7 – Operational Shocks and Crash Safety
Section 8 – Vibration: Full DO-160G Capabilities
Section 9 – Explosion Proofness: Full DO-160G Capabilities/Categories A, E, & H
Section 10 – Waterproofness: Full DO-160G Capabilities
Section 11 – Fluids Susceptibility: Full DO-160G Capabilities (Fluids dependent on EUT requirements can be ordered as needed)
Section 12 – Available to coordinate with other sources to provide complete testing services
Section 13 – Available to coordinate with other sources to provide complete testing services
Section 14 – Salt Fog: Full DO-160G Capabilities/Categories S, & T
Section 15 – Magnetic Effect: Full DO-160G Capabilities/Categories Y, Z, A, B, & C
Section 16 – Power Input: Full DO-160G Capabilities up to 100ADC/Categories A, B, & Z
Section 17 – Voltage Spike: Full DO-160G Capabilities/Categories A, & B
Section 18 – Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility/Power Inputs: Full DO-160G Capabilities up to 150ADC/Categories B, Z, & K
Section 19 – Induced Signal Susceptibility: Full DO-160G Capabilities/Categories C, Z, A, & B
Section 20 Radio Frequency Susceptibility:

  • Conducted Susceptibility/Full DO-160G Capabilities/Categories M, O, R, S, T, W, & Y
  • Radiated Susceptibly: Full DO-160G Capabilities (Excluding Category L in Reverberation Chambers; Category G in lightly loaded chambers)/Categories B, D, F, G, R, S, T, W, & Y

Section 21 Emissions of Radio Frequency Energy: Full DO-160G Capabilities/ Categories B, L, M, H, P, & Q
Section 22 - Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility

  • All pin injection waveforms up to Level 5; EUT specific at Level 5
  • All cable bundle test waveforms up to Level 5; EUT specific at Level 5

Section 23 – Available to coordinate with other sources to provide complete testing services
- High Current testing is slated for availability this year (2014) -
Section 24 – Icing: Full DO-160G Capabilities (Except Category B)/Categories A, & C
Section 25 – Electrostatic Discharge: Full DO-160G Capabilities/15,000V; 330 Ohms; 150pF
Section 26 – Flammability: Full DO-160G Capabilities/Categories A, B & C

Design Assistance

Experienced staff of Engineers, Research Scientists & Technician - Most staff are active members of committees responsible for developing and maintaining industry/FAA standards

Design Reviews

Development testing and screening as well as Safety of Flight (SoF) Testing

Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) analysis for lightning indirect effects, HIRF, and other electromagnetic phenomena. Includes large-scale cluster computer enabling large and complex 3-D models

Extensive experience in design and certification of carbon fiber and aluminum aircraft for EMC, EMI, HIRF, Lightning (direct and indirect effects), p-static

Certification Support

Consulting on Certification Plans
Certification Testing
Test Plans, Test Reports, Data Reduction and Analysis
Design of tests, fixtures and operational setups
DER Services available on site

Aircraft and System-Level Support

100’ x 100’ x 25’ EMC Test Hangar w/integral foam/fire suppression system for fueled aircraft testing – Access to KBEC Runway 8,000ft  x 100ft

Precipitation Static  Testing – 50kV and 120kV capability

Hot Fuel  - Wet/Saturated fuel

Fuel heated to lower flashpoint limit of fuel (Max 200*F)

Firewall/Cowl/Pylon Burn Testing FAA 23/25 Fireproof 2000F Flame

FAA Interior Burn per FAR 23.853/25.853

Material burn

Fire Proof and Fire Resistance Testing (2000F flame)

Full Aircraft HIRF Testing  to SAE ARP-5483

Aircraft Flight Instrumentation support

Power Input/Voltage Spike/Audio Frequency Susceptibility/Induced Signal Susceptibility

  • California Instruments AC/DC Programmable Power Supply
  • Elgar SW5250 AC/DC Programmable Power Supply
  • Audio Susceptibility: DC to 50kHz, 4000 Watts peak, 2850 Watts RMS at rated power, DC to 150kHz at reduced power

Direct/Indirect Effects Lightning Tests

  • Component Indirect Effects Lightning; Wave Forms 1-5A, Voltages and Currents to Level 5 (setup dependent)
  • Full Aircraft Lightning Transient Analysis (LTA) testing (SAE ARP-5416 Section 6.1), Component A and Component H available this year (2014)
  • Direct Effects
    • High Current Testing to 200KA – Under Construction (to be completed in 2014)
    • DO-160 Lightning Direct Effects Sections,, (Ignitable mixture and Photographic Test Method)

Radome Transmissitivity Testing

  • Transmissivity Testing
  • DO-213 Standards
  • Certification and Production Acceptance

Training Programs

RTCA DO-160 Training Class
RTCA has teamed with Wichita State University’s National Institute for Aviation Research (WSU-NIAR) to offer high quality training covering RTCA’s DO-160G, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment. The course will provide an understanding of the use of DO-160G and how in fits in with the greater picture of requirements, design, certification and Technical Standard Orders (TSOs). For more information visit

High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) & Lightning
This course is designed for engineers and technicians involved in aircraft HIRF certification, industry engineers and airframe manufacturers. It provides students with an awareness of all aspects of systems and aircraft HIRF testing. Enroll here. To schedule a customized class, contact Mariah Smith.

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