Employee Information

Congratulations and welcome to the team! We are happy you are here, and hope you are proud to be a part of the National Institute for Aviation Research and Wichita State University.

Your supervisor (or a person assigned by your supervisor) is responsible for guiding you through the official steps of new employee orientation, but the following items may be helpful to you as well.


Front Desk: 978-6427 / Payroll: Linda Hager 978-6212 / Travel & Reimbursement: Juanita Parsons 978-5223/ Accounts Payable: Linsey Sipult 978-5222 / Accounts Receivable: Robin Stevens 978-5200 / Key Personnel

Employee of the Month

All student and non-managerial employees are eligible to be nominated for the Employee of the Month award. Nominations are due by the 27th of each month to Tracee Friess  To nominate a coworker, download the form. Winners of the award will receive a preferred parking space directly behind the NIAR building, a logo item of their choosing from the NIAR promotional closet, and will be eligible for the semester award, a $500 tuition assistance voucher. To view past recipients visit go here.

Report Number System

Will you be developing written reports as part of your job? If so, please use the Document Report System to assign a report number to each of your documents before you begin. You can also upload your documents to the sytem when they are complete. Use your NIAR username and password (the one you use to log into your PC/laptop) to access the system.

Employee News

The NIAR Employee News blog is available at http://wsuniar.wordpress.com/ or www.niar.wichita.edu/employeenews.You can keep up with the blog in whichever way/s you choose.

  1. Check the blog daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever works for  you.
  2. "Follow" the blog by entering your email address. You will get an email in your inbox each time there is a new post.
  3. Subscribe to the RSS Feed. – This method will add new posts to the RSS Feeds category in your Outlook Mail Items. It's like an email, but it doesn't show up  in your main inbox. Instructions for subscribing to the RSS Feed vary depending on your Internet Browser:
Internet Explorer:
  1. Click on the RSS Feed icon in your toolbar.
  2. Subscribe to the feed using Microsoft Office Outlook.
  3.  Click Subscribe Now. The feed should then be listed under the "RSS Feeds" category in your Outlook Folders.
Mozilla Firefox:
  1. Click "Bookmarks" in the Menu Bar.
  2. Click Subscribe to this page.
  3. Subscribe to the feed using Microsoft Office Outlook.
  4. Click Subscribe Now. The feed should then be listed under the "RSS Feeds" category in your Outlook Folders.
Google Chrome:
  1. Go to Chrome Web Store and search for "RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)" in the search box.
  2. Scroll down to the "Extension" section and click on "RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)" to add to your toolbar. Once it is added the RSS icon will show up in your toolbar when you visit the blog. You can subscribe to the blog from there.
  3.  Subscribe to the feed using Microsoft Office Outlook.
  4.  Click Subscribe Now. The feed should then be listed under the "RSS Feeds" category in your Outlook Folders.

IT HelpDesk

IT Problems? Fill out a workorder request. If you have a more immediate request, contact Matt Suchan at 978-6750.

Logo Apparel

Full-time employees are entitled to one complimentary black NIAR polo. Please see Katie Gee in Room 203 or Tracee Friess in Room 219 to pick it up.

Student employees are entitled to a complimentary t-shirt. If you are Composites Lab employee, contact Michelle Man in Room 303. All other student employees should contact Katie Gee in Room 203 or Tracee Friess in Room 219.

Additional NIAR logo apparel is available for purchase. A full list of available items is located here.

Library - Engineering Library Guide

This guide provides resources and information about the library which will help faculty and student researchers in all areas of Engineering: Aerospace, Bioengineering, Electrical and Computer, Industrial & Manufacturing, and Mechanical Engineering. Available at http://libresources.wichita.edu/content.php?pid=478294&sid=3918016.

Staff Directory

A directory of all full-time NIAR staff is available here. You must register and be approved by the system administrator before you will be able to view the staff directory. If you or your employees are not listed, or if you notice any other incorrect information on the directory website, please contact Tracee Friess at 978-5597 to request corrections..

Periodical Library

Various trade publications including SAE's Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Engineering International, Aviation Week & Space Technology, Composites Manufacturing, High Performance Composites, NASA Tech Briefs, and the SAMPE Journal are available for borrow in the employee kitchen of the Executive Offices.

R&D Brief e-newsletter

NIAR sends out an R&D Brief e-newsletter periodicially to clients, associates, partners and media. Employees are encouraged to sign up to receive the newsletter as well. Just email Tracee Friess and request to be added to the subscription list.


Employee email is available anytime, anywhere at webmail.niar.wichita.edu.

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