National Center for Aviation Training

The National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT) is a world-class facility where aviation research and training unite. NCAT, an initiative of Sedgwick County, is managed by WSU Tech. NIAR serves as a partner in NCAT, teaming with educators to identify industry trends in an effort to reduce the training gap in the aviation industry.

Portions of several of NIAR's key laboratories are housed within NCAT including:

At NCAT, WSU Tech offers Associate of Applied Science degrees, Technical Certificates, and/or Certificate of Completions for the following curriculum.

Advanced Aerostructures - COC
Aerospace Coatings and Paint Technology - AAS - TC
Aerospace Fiber Optics and Data Cable Installation - COC
Aerospace Quality Control - TC
Applied Science of Aviation Interiors - AAS - TC
Applied Science of Aviation Manufacturing - AAS - TC
Aviation Maintenance Technology - AAS
Aviation Maintenance Technology – Airframe - TC
Aviation Maintenance Technology – Powerplant - TC
Avionics Technology - AAS - TC - COC
Composite Technology - TC
Composite Technology - Fabrication - COC
Composite Technology - Repair - COC
Nondestructive Testing – Introduction - COC
Nondestructive Testing - AAS - TC
Nondestructive Testing – Advanced - COC

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