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The National Center for Advanced Materials Peformance (NCAMP) will host a workshop titled "Material & Process Control: A Module of a Level II Structural Engineering Safety Awareness Course" on September 14-16 at the National Center for Aviation Training in Wichita, KS.

This module of the course is designed to provide safety awareness level of knowledge related to the development and documentation of composite materials and processes.  The module assumes that participants have basic knowledge of composite materials and fabrication methods.  Typical composite material and process qualification processes along with the test matrices with common mechanical, physical, thermal, non-destructive testing methods will be covered.  The statistical analysis methods presented in this course are based on CMH-17 approved methods and software programs which encompass the establishment of specification limits, equivalency comparisons, and generation of material allowables (e.g. b-basis values).  The proper use of publicly available material property databases such as those in CMH-17 and NCAMP,  which could lead to significant time and cost savings will also be covered.  Methods and procedures presented here are based on those published in CMH-17 and used by NCAMP, although individual organizations may use slightly different approaches for accomplishing the same tasks.  

Please submit questions using the Feedback Form or contact Tracee Friess at (316) 978-5597. Thank you for your interest in the workshop.