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Tentative Agenda

Tuesday May 17
Wednesday May 18
Thursday May 19
1st Hour

2nd Hour
FAA/EASA Composite
Safety & Certification Initiatives

Overview of AC 20-107B & AMC 20-29 in Workshop Areas
Session 1
Composite/Metal Interface Issues

Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Reliability
Large Scale Static & Fatigue Test Protocol
Thermal Residual Fatigue Stress Considerations
Environmental Degradation

Review Development of FAA
Composite Structural Eng.
Safety Awareness Course

Evolving Regulations/Special Conditions
Aircraft Crashworthiness Module

Break (15 min.)

3rd Hour

4th Hour

Review Development of FAA
Composite Structural Eng.
Safety Awareness Course

Fatigue & Damage Tolerance and
Maintenance Interface Modules
Session 2
High Energy, Wide Area, Blunt Impact

Design Criteria & Objectives for Cat. 2-4
Cat.5 Damage Outside Design Criteria
Structural Analysis & Test Protocol
Maintenance/Operations Documentation & Training

Open Industry Forum
Perspectives on Rules, Guidance & Standards Needs for Composite Transport Crashworthiness

Airbus and Boeing
Thoughts on Crashworthiness Special Conditions
Perspectives on Analysis & Test Protocol
Lunch (1 hour)LUNCH
FAA Perspectives on JAMS Research

5th Hour

6th Hour

Review Safety Awareness Course, cont.
Status of Fatigue & Damage Tolerance
and Maintenance Interface Modules

Open Industry Forum
Perspectives on Educational Needs for Safe Composite Transport Industry Practices
Session 3
Damage in Sandwich Construction
Problematic Design and Process Details
Fail Safe Design Features
Disbond/Core Tearing Growth Mechanisms
Analysis & Accelerated Tests (GAG, Fluid Ingression)

Session 5
Crashworthiness Certification Protocol

Design Considerations
Analysis Calibration/Validation
Large Scale Test Expectations
Analysis & Test Standards Development

Break (15 min.)

7th Hour

8th Hour

Airbus & Boeing
Thoughts on May 18 Technical Sessions
Industry Benchmarking

Applications & Field Experiences
of Relevance to May 18 Sessions

Session 4
Bonded Repair Size Limits

OEM Structural Substantiation for SRM Repairs
Structural Substantiation of Repairs Beyond SRM
Guidelines for Design & Process Definition
Bonded Repair Fail Safety

2011 FAA/EASA/Industry Composite Transport
Fatigue, Damage Tolerance, Maintenance & Crashworthiness Workshop

Atlanta, Georgia
May 17-19