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Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee (CACRC) Meeting
November 12-16, 2007
Wichita, KS

Meeting Information

A meeting of the Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee (CACRC) was held Nov. 12-16 at the National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University, with more than 75 members attending. Members of the Safety Management Working Group (SMWG) of Composite Material Handbook 17 (CMH-17) were present to assist in developing a Safety Management mission within CACRC.


The week began with meetings of the six existing CACRC task groups: Training, Repair Design, Repair Analysis, Repair Materials, Repair Processes, and Damage Assessment and Quality Inspection.


A session of the entire CACRC membership discussed a new task group focused on safety management and certification and introduced a proposed charter with objectives. This new task group will focus on integrating task group efforts and is accountable to the executive steering committee. They will concentrate on primary safety initiatives promoted by the task groups and organizations external to the CACRC.


Discussions were led by Mike Borgman the CACRC chairman, Larry Ilcewicz of the Federal Aviation Administration and Charlie Seaton of Edmonds Community College, resulting in modifications to the proposed charter and objectives and the addition of two specific initiatives for consideration.


Based on membership feedback, the following was presented for approval on to the CACRC membership:


1.      The new task group is to be identified as the Airworthiness Task Group (ATG).

2.      The ATG is to be led by a coordinator (to be determined) and supported by initiative “champions” or leads, which are familiar with aspects of the selected safety initiatives and able to commit resources.

3.      Objectives for the ATG include:

a. Facilitate processes within the CACRC and its task groups that identify and prioritize significant safety and policy issues and related action items;

b. Facilitate the establishment of criteria by the task group leaders, through a consensus process, to evaluate effectiveness and completeness in accomplishing CACRC overall objectives as established by the executive committee;

c. Implement initiatives under the guidance and concurrence of the executive committee, in conjunction with the task groups;

d. Establish consistent processes for creating universal, acceptable standards in order to reduce composite maintenance costs and improve airworthiness safety.

4.      The two safety initiatives, as proposed and accepted by the CACRC membership with discussions concerning implementation details on each, are as follows:

a. Update Advisory Circular 20-107A: Composite Aircraft Structure Certification and Compliance; Ilcewicz will be the lead.

b. Document guidelines showing the steps involved in the substantiation of standards (design, materials and processes) for composite repair, including examples; the lead is to be identified.


To view presentations given during the CACRC executive committee and general membership meetings, please visit:


Also included in the week’s events were guided tours at NIAR, Spirit Aerosystems and Hawker Beechcraft. The meeting sponsors were Hawker Beechcraft, NIAR, the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition and Spencer Reed Group. The next CACRC meeting is scheduled for April 21-24, 2008 in Athens, Greece.