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NIAR & FAA Workshops

In recent years, the FAA has been working with industry experts on training standards for awareness of critical safety issues in composite maintenance.  A working group which includes Airbus, Boeing, FAA and EASA has been addressing related engineering issues over the last two years.  Workshops in 2004, 2005 and 2006 were used to coordinate these efforts with industry.

In time, this interface with the industry will document current industry practices and expand the training, guidance and policy for composite damage tolerance and maintenance.

The FAA Joint Advanced Materials & Structures (JAMS) Center of Excellence has also supported Composite Safety & Certification Initiatives (CS&CI) in these areas with research on critical technical issues and the development of training standards. Similar to last year’s workshop, the 2007 workshop will help direct future JAMS research and training developments.  As efforts progress, additional workshops will be held with composite experts from the field to periodically review CS&CI progress in these areas.

A summary of these workshops, including participants, agendas and available presentations are featured on this website.

Use the links below to register for upcoming workshops and view documents from past workshops dating back to 2002.

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