The FAA initiated the Composite Safety and Certification Initiatives in 1999 to support the increased use of composite materials in aircraft structures critical to flight safety. In recent years, a FAA Aviation Safety (AVS) Composite Plan was developed and updated yearly to outline composite initiatives into the future. The overall goal of FAA efforts with composites is to work with industry to ensure safe and efficient deployment of composite materials in aircraft products. Industry workshops have often been used to benchmark best industry practices as they progress to new industry standards, regulatory guidance and training. Composite standards, guidance and training established over time have benefited from a strong industry interface.

Past workshops have focused on subjects like Damage Tolerance and Maintenance and Structural Bonding. The presentations from past workshops can be found at the www.niar.wichita.edu/niarworkshops. The information from past workshops has been incorporated in both FAA documentation, such as AC 20-107B, and industry documentation, such as CMH-17 Revision G.

Workshop Description

This workshop is being conducted to address important topics in the areas of modifications to composite structure and installation of composite parts. The first objective of the workshop is to benchmark current industry practices in modifying composite structure and certifying the installation of composite parts. The second objective is to discuss the FAA’s perspective on the need for guidance in this area. 

The workshop will include four sessions on the following topics: 
  • Existing Practices to Modify Metallic Structure
  • Requirements for Composite Parts
  • Requirements to Modify Composite Structure
  • Special Subjects:
    • Pressurized Fuselages
    • Limit of Validity (LOV) and Fatigue Critical Structure
    • Flutter and Lightning Protection
    • Repairs
We would like to hear from you if there are any other subjects you would like to see discussed! Please input any suggestions in the online registration form under “Suggested Topics for Discussion”. Thank you!

Workshop participants will include selected experts from industry, regulatory agencies, and academia involved in composite modifications across general aviation, rotorcraft, and transport segments of the industry. A tentative agenda is available here.

Registration Information
There is no registration fee to attend this workshop; however, participants must register. Deadline: JULY 11, 2016

: Livanna Anderson 

We look forward to having you!