System Lightning Protection


November 5- 8, 2018
8AM to 5PM

Environmental & EME Test Labs
National Institute for Aviation Research
Wichita State University
3800 S. Oliver
Building 23L
Wichita, KS 67210

A comprehensive workshop that discusses all aspect of System Lightning Protection certification, design, and testing from an engineering/DER perspective. Training can be on-site at NIAR or off-site at a selected location and tailored to meet customer needs.  Topics include why System Lightning Protection has become important, why System Lightning Protection certification efforts are required by the FAA, and how to design and plan to meet these requirements.  The class covers FAA regulations, Advisory Circulars, ARPs, DO-160, all as applicable to System Lightning Protection certification.  Areas included are attachment zones, equipment and functional critical (safety assessment), aircraft level test methods and interpretation, bench level equipment test methods and levels, etc.  The class includes several class exercises to apply the learned material to actual situations.  A lab tour and lab demonstrations are included.