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National Center for Advanced Materials Performance

NCAMP logoBoth the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) accept composite specification and design values developed using the NCAMP process.

FAA Memorandum AIR100-2010-120-003

EASA Certification Memorandum CM-S-004

What is NCAMP?
NCAMP, the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance, works with the FAA and industry partners to qualify material systems and populate a shared materials database that can be viewed publicly. NCAMP started as a FAA-funded program within the National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University and stemmed from NASA's 1995 Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiment (AGATE).

What is the benefit to aircraft manufacturers?
Instead of qualifying an entire material system, manufacturers can pull a system from the NCAMP database, prove equivalency and gain FAA certification in a quicker and cheaper manner than a typical qualification approach.

What is the benefit to materials suppliers?
Material suppliers can work with NCAMP to qualify material systems without having to be linked to an ongoing aircraft certification program. This allows the material supplier to get their material out into the market via a public forum with generated allowables and FAA certification.

Which material systems are currently NCAMP-qualified?

  • Cytec 5215 (Discontinued)
    • T40-0800 Unitape
    • T650 3k-PW
    • T650 6k-5HS
  • Cytec 5250-5 (Discontinued)
    • T650 Unitape
    • T650 3k-70-PW
    • T650 6k-5HS
  • Cytec 5320-1
    • T650 Unitape
    • T650 3k-PW
  • Cytec EP2202
    • IMG7 Unitape
    • T650 3k-70-PW
  • Cytec (formerly ACG) MTM45-1
    • Style 7781 E Glass
    • Style 6781 S2 Glass
    • 3K PW G30-500 Fabric
    • 3K PW AS4 Fabric
    • 12K AS4 Unidirectional
    • 12K HTS5631 Unidirectional (HTS40)
  • Hexcel 8552
    • AS4 Unitape
    • IM7 Unitape
    • TAS4 PW
  • Newport NCT4708
    • 47108 Unitape
  • TenCate BT250E-6
    • IM7 GP Unidirectional
    • AS4C 3K-PW
    • S2 Unidirectional(Coming soon)
  • TenCate TC250
    • 12k HTS40

How do we get involved?

  • Interested in qualifying a material system or manufacturing test panels?
    Contact Royal Lovingfoss at rlovingfoss@niar.wichita.edu or (316) 978-5317.

  • Interested in reviewing process reports before approval?
    Sign up on the NCAMP portal.

  • Want to see the NCAMP-approved material systems?
    Visit the Allowables & Specs page.
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