Research Centers

The Federal Aviation Administration has created several centers of excellence as a way to recognize universities and research facilities, such as NIAR, for their contributions to the industry. These centers create a formal structure for sharing ideas among government, industry and academia. Wichita State University is home to the FAA's Center of Excellence for Composites and Advanced Materials and the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance. NCAMP is sponsored by NASA and the U.S. Air Force.

NIAR’s centers promote the safety, research, manufacturing and design elements of today’s aviation industry. They strengthen airworthiness assurance in the short and long term. They make the concerns of the general aviation industry their own. And they make dreams of composite-made airplanes reality. This happens not only through NIAR’s own research, but through the exchange of knowledge with researchers in other centers.

The advancements made in these centers put Wichita State University in the top five U.S. universities specializing in aeronautical research and development.

Past WSU research centers have included the FAA's Center of Excellence for General Aviation Research (CGAR), the NIAR/Industry/State (NIS) program and the Advanced Design & Manufacturing Research Center (ADMRC).

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