• Composites and Advanced MaterialsAdministration of the Center of Excellence for Composites and Advanced Materials (CECAM) at Wichita State University
  • Aging of Composite Aircraft Structures
  • Production Control Effect on Composite Material Quality and Stability
  • Crashworthiness of Composites - Material Dynamic Properties
  • Effect of Repair Procedures Applied to Composite Airframe Structures
  • Evaluation of Friction Stir Weld Process and Properties for Aircraft Application
  • Methods for the Evaluation of the Fitness of Fiber Reinforced Composite Surfaces for Subsequent Adhesive Bonding
  • Damage Tolerance Testing and Analysis Protocols for Full-Scale Composite Airframe Structures Under Repeated Loading
  • Certification by Analysis
  • Fluid Ingression Damage Mechanisms in Composite Sandwich Structures
  • Technology Assessment of the Airworthiness of Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Development and Safety Management of Composite Certification Guidance
  • Damage Tolerance and Durability of Fiber-Metal Laminates for Aircraft Structures (UCLA)
  • Damage Tolerance and Durability of Adhesively Bonded Composite Structures (Purdue University)
  • VARTM Variability and Substantiation (University of Delaware)
  • Structural Health Monitoring for Life Management of Aircraft (Northwestern University)
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