The overall objectives of the Center of Excellence will be to perform basic and applied research within specific technology areas and facilitate growth and education of the use of advanced materials with emphasis on the needs of the aircraft industry while supporting the safety and certification issues involved in airworthiness assurance. CECAM will also fulfill the FAA’s need to advance composite technology documentation related to FAA certification policy, guidance and training.

  • Facilitate growth of the use of advanced materials in aircraft applications while addressing safety and certification issues to ensure airworthiness assurance and safety.
  • Examine old guidance materials related to advanced materials and determine the relevance with respect to new advances in technology. New research must support new FAA guidance and policy material for future aircraft development.
  • Promote the cost-effective use of composites and advanced materials to reduce the aircraft Direct Operating Costs (DOC).
  • Integrate the results of research performed within the COE to form a basis to standard engineering practice and training within the advanced materials aircraft community and assist the FAA in creating relevant policy and guidance materials.
  • Provide educational and training programs to workforces in the aviation industry, the airline companies, standards organizations and government groups.
  • Both CECAM and the FAA Center of Excellence for General Aviation (CGAR) create a network of capabilities and research specialties which enables the highest success rate of FAA programs as well as encouraging technology transfer to other areas within the FAA. Advanced material technology developed for the benefit of aircraft should be able to be applied to general aviation aircraft through CGAR. Both AACE and CGAR have advanced materials components within each center.
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