The Biocompatibility Lab provides in vitro cell culture biocompatibility testing using techniques including ELISA and PCR, as well as assessments of in vivo testing. The Animal Lab supports the use of mice, rats and rabbits for surgical and non-surgical projects. On-site radiographic imaging is available to non-destructively track bony changes during experiments.


  • CO2 Incubators for cell culture and in vitro testing
  • Conventional and real-time PCR systems
    • ELISA microplate reader
    • Western blotting apparatus
    • Polytron PT2100 tissue homogenizer
    • Class II Biological Safety Cabinets
  • Mettler Balance
  • Eppendorf 5430 R Microcentrifuge
  • Thermo Legend X1R benchtop refrigerated centrifuge
  • Facilities for housing mice, rats, and rabbits
  • Individually ventilated mouse cage rack for immune deficient mice
  • Animal surgery facility
  • Small animal digital X-ray
  • Hot bead sterilizer

  • In vitro cellular toxicity and activation assays
  • In vitro cellular adaptation using fibroblastic, macrophage, and osteoblastic cell lines
  • In vitro determination of inflammatory reactions to materials
  • Short-term in vivo biocompatibility assessment using the murine air pouch model
  • Surgical implantation of biomaterials in soft tissue as well as bony defects for in vivo studies
  • In vivo MicroCT volumetric and density measurements of bone ingrowth


Nora Zacharias
Phone: (316) 978-7971


Steve Miller
Phone: (316) 978-7972



CIBOR Biocompatibility


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