Employee of the Month

All student and non-managerial employees are eligible to be nominated for the Employee of the Month award. Nominations are due by the 27th of each month to Tracee Friess. To nominate a coworker, download the form. Winners of the award will receive a preferred parking space directly behind the NIAR building, a logo item of their choosing from the NIAR promotional closet, and will be eligible for the semester award, a $500 tuition assistance voucher.

Employee of the Month Nomination Form & Rules

Current Employee of the Month:

Past Employees of the Month:

November 2013: Christopher Stone (student)

October 2013: Adam Maurath (student)

September 2013: Andrew Dirks (student)

September 2013: Joey Hambleton (student)

August 2013: Dustin Vohs (student)

July 2013: Trey Cleaveland (student)

May 2013: Blake Carpenter (student)

April 2013: Griffin Chodak (student) / Jennifer Cao (student)

March 2013: Travis Cravens / Cameron Miller (student)

February 2013: Neil Jagoda / Mitchell Johnson (student)

December 2012: Shawn Denning / Merl Chrishanthas (student)

September 2012: Caleb Saathoff / TJ Jayaratne (student)

August 2012: Kevin Kelly / Richard Martin (student)

July 2012: Jason Koehn / Tom Pham (student)

June 2012: Dimuthu Tilakartne / Han Chong (student)

May 2012: Chathuranga Kuruppuachchige / Nicholas Reichenberger (student)

April 2012: Richa Poudel / Zachary Thrush (student)

March 2012: Raghavendra Salgame / L.T. Honse (student)

February 2012: Seng Cheong Lam / Shrey Tripathi (student)

January 2012: Abinash Siddhi / Thimuth V. Weragoda (student)