Walter H. Beech Wind Tunnel - Wichita State University's low speed wind tunnel for research and testing

Walter H. Beech Wind Tunnel


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  Walter H. Beech Wind Tunnel

Walter H. Beech Wind Tunnel

The Walter H. Beech Wind Tunnel provides private industry, government agencies and educational institutions with the facilities, equipment and research staff to meet their needs involving projects in aerodynamic testing and research.

The Beech Wind Tunnel is an atmospheric, return type, closed-throat, subsonic wind tunnel with a test section seven feet high, 10 feet wide and 12 foot long. Air speeds in the test section can reach in excess of 200 mph.

A dual circuit, closed loop, liquid-filled heat exchanger is used to limit temperature rise in the tunnel and permits full speed operation all day long, seven days a week. Flow conditioning elements including a precise honeycomb structure and spring-tensioned screen installed in the stilling chamber straighten and smooth out the airflow in the test section.The test section has a large amount of glass-paned optical access for virtually all flow visualization techniques and positions. It can be disassembled for ease of model installation. The test section has been designed for a future capability of measuring wall pressure signatures.

The six-component, truncated prism, pyramidal under-floor external balance is accurate, precise and has a large measurement capability for forces and moments. It can also quickly position models in both pitch and yaw axis over a large motion range.


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