Recommended Curriculum Checklist:

Systems and Equipment DERs and FAA Systems ASEs

The recommended curriculum for Systems and Equipment DERs and Systems ASEs includes the ASTM wiring standard for reference material and continuing education. ASEs are encouraged to interact with other stakeholders to facilitate open communication and to provide insight to the aging issues confronting each stakeholder.


  1. AC 91-82 Fatigue Management Programs for Airplanes with Demonstrated Risk of Catastrophic Failure due to Fatigue
    • Provides an explanation of the maintenance actions that may be necessary if an airplane has an unsafe condition due to demonstrated risk of catastrophic failure due to fatigue. Provides the FAA’s expectations for fatigue management programs when an unsafe condition exists due to fatigue.
  2. AC 23-13A Fatigue, Fail-Safe, and Damage Tolerance Evaluation of Metallic Structure for Normal, Utility, Acrobatric, and Commuter Category Airplanes
    • Provides airplane owners and pilots with information on specific aging issues. Paragraph 2-27 discusses life extension programs. Chpt. 6 discusses SAD’s policy for flight with known cracks.


  1. Short course on the use of probabilistic methods and risk analysis methods in evaluating fatigue issues
    • DERs and ASEs working in risk analysis, fatigue, damage tolerance, and continued operation safety should take a course in probability methods in rsk analysis and fatigue evaluation

Continuing Education

  1. FAA DER Seminars
    • DERs and ASEs should participate in DER recurrent seminars for the latest information on aging GA airplanes.
  2. Journal and conference publications and presentations
    • Available from AIAA, SAE and similar organizations
  3. Interaction with airplane owners, pilots, maintenance professionals and DERs
    • ASEs should take every opportunity to interact with airplane owners, pilots, maintenance professionals, ASIs and DERs. This facilitates open communications with these stakeholders and provides insights to aging GA issues.