Recommended Curriculum Checklist:

Avionics Technician

The Avionics Technician curriculum includes a core section and a continuing education section. The core curriculum proves a basic level of knowledge that each avionics technician should possess. This includes a web-based course covering the lessons learned from aging airplane wiring teardowns, AEA courses on "Instructions for Continued Airworthiness" and "Aircraft Wiring Inspections," and hands-on, type-specific maintenance training. The continuing education portion emphasizes the need for avionics technicians to update their knowledge on aging airplane issues. Sources of this information included AC 43-16A and presentations made by the FAA, type clubs, industry associations and organizations at aviation venues, including airshows, type club meetings, IA recurrent seminars, etc.


  1. FAA Webcourse focusing on the lessons learned from teardown of aging airplane electrical systems
    • coming soon
    • Describes what the FAA found doing teardowns of aging airplane electrical systems, including poor wiring standards and circuit break cycling.
  2. Aircraft Electronics Association’s “Instructions for Continued Airworthiness” course
    • Available on CD to AEA members.
  3. Aircraft Electronics Association’s “Aircraft Wiring Inspections” course
    • Available on CD to AEA members.
  4. Type-specific training provided by type club holder, type club or industry association or organization
    • Check the links page of this website for type club information.
  5. Aging Airplane Inspection and Maintenance Baseline Checklist for Airplanes without a type-specific checklist
    • Collaborative effort between AOPA, AA, EAA and FAA. Direct result of the Small Airplane Directorate’s first aging airplane summit.

Continuing Education

  1. AC 43-16A Aviation Maintenance Alerts
    • Published monthly.
    • Provides owners, pilots and mechanics with info on maintenance issues, including summaries of service difficulty reports.
  2. AEA Annual Conventions
  3. Type club and industry associations and organizations presentations at appropriate venues