NIAR Electromagnetic Effects Lab at Wichita State University

Section 5 - Temperature Variation

Purpose of the Test

Determine performance characteristics of the equipment during temperature variations between high and low operating temperature extremes.

Not intended to address wet or icing conditions, or condensation (humidity control to prevent condensation in the test chamber is allowed)

The tests in this section are “susceptibility” tests, meaning the units being tested are the “victims” of the environment.

Our facilities have full DO-160G capabilities for categories A,B,C, S1, and S2.

Our facilities include:

  • Tenny 27 cu.ft Temp/Humidity/Altitude chamber
  • Tenny 16 cu.ft Temp/Humidity chamber
  • Thermotron 37 cu.ft Temp/Humidity chamber
  • 2 Cincinnati Sub Zero 8 cu.ft Temp/Humidity chambers
  • 2 Russels 8 cu.ft Temp chambers
  • Large 12’Wx10’Hx48’L (-40F to +150F) Temp chamber

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