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Section 23 Lightning Direct Effects

Purpose of Testing

To determine the ability of externally mounted equipment to withstand the direct effects of a lightning strike.

The term "externally mounted equipment" refers to all equipment mounted externally to the main skin of the aircraft..

Also included are all such equipment that is covered only by a dielectric skin or fairing that is an integral part of the equipment. .

It also includes connecting cables and associated terminal equipment furnished by the equipment manufacturer as a part of the equipment..

The tests described herein specifically exclude the effects on the tested equipment of voltages and currents induced into the externally mounted equipment and its associated circuitry by means of magnetic or electric field coupling. These indirect effects are covered in Section 22.

Types of test included are:

High Voltage (attachment) test

  • Shows where an attachment may occur
  • Also shows if a dielectric puncture may occur
  • Does not indicate the level of damage expected
High current tests
  • Physical damage
  • Fuel ignition
  • Sparking at joints
  • Arcing or conduction to electrical conductors
  • Adequacy of protection

Our facilities are available to coordinate with other sources to provide complete testing services.

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NASA Standard Procedure DOC-128696 LSP Composite Substrate Lightning Test

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