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Section 22 – Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility

Purpose of the Tests

These test methods and procedures are provided to verify the capability of equipment to withstand a selection of test transients defined in this section which are intended to represent the induced effects of lightning.

The waveforms and levels, and the pass/fail criteria for equipment performance during the test shall be listed in the applicable equipment specification.

Two groups of tests may be used for equipment qualification.

  • A damage assessment test performed using pin injection
  • Evaluate the functional upset tolerance of equipment when transients are applied to interconnecting cable bundles.

Cable bundle tests include:

  • Single stroke
  • Multiple stroke
  • Multiple burst

The tests in this section are “susceptibility” tests, meaning the units being tested are the “victims” of the environment.

Our facilities are capable of all pin injection and all cable bundle test waveforms up to level 5 (EUT specific at level 5)

Our facilities include:

  • Component Indirect Effects Lightning; Wave Forms 1-5A, Voltages and Currents to Level 5 (setup dependent)
  • Full Aircraft Lightning Transient Analysis (LTA) testing (SAE ARP-5416 Section 6.1), Component A and Component H

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