NIAR produces a bi-monthly CECAM Technology Bulletin that provides details on featured research projects. Please browse through these documents to catch up on recent and past CECAM activity.

Date Vol. Num. Title
4/26/2010 C10 1 JAMS Technical Meeting planned for May 19-20
12/9/2009 C09 4 Impact Damage Formation on Composite Aircraft Structures
9/8/2009 C09 3 Notes from 2009 JAMS Technical Meeting
7/9/2009 C09 2 Tokyo composites workshop presentations available online/ JAMS Technical Meeting planned for July 21-22
5/27/2009 C09 1 CACRC Meeting & Workshop for Composite Damage Tolerance & Maintenance is June 1-5 in Tokyo
9/2/2008 C08 4 Notes from the 2008 JAMS Technical Meeting
6/9/2008 C08 3 JAMS Technical Meetin to be held in June
3/10/2008 C08 2 Fluid Ingression Damage Mechanisms in Composite Sandwich Structures
1/8/2008 C08 1 CACRC meeting held at NIAR
10/2/2007 C07 5 FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center Website
8/6/2007 C07 4 Notes from the 2007 JAMS Technical Meeting
6/4/2007 C07 3 JAMS Technical Meeting scheduled for July
4/2/2007 C07 2 Certification by Analysis
1/22/2007 C07 1 Damage Tolerance Testing and Analysis Protocols
11/6/2006 C06 7 Technology Assessment of the Airworthiness of Unmanned Aerial Systems
8/7/2006 C06 06 Quantifying Methods for the Evaluation of Carbon Based Composite Surfaces for Subsequent Adhesive Bonding
6/5/2006 C06 5 Aging of Composite Aircraft Structures
4/3/2006 C06 4 Evaluation of Friction Stir Weld Process and Properties for Aerospace Application
3/6/2006 C06 3 Thermal Modeling for Composite Airframe Structures
1/23/2006 C06 2 Crashworthiness of Composites
1/3/2006 C06 1 Damage Tolerance and Durability of Adhesively Bonded Composite Structures
11/21/2005 C05 6 VARTM Variability and Substantiation
10/20/2005 C05 5 Full-Scale Damage Tolerance of Sandwich Structures
9/25/2005 C05 4 Structural Health Monitoring for Life Management of Aircraft
8/2/2005 C05 2 Effect of Repair Procedures Applied to Composite Airframe Structures
6/13/2005 CO5 1 Welcome to the Advanced Materials Technology E-Bulletin!


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